Cider Day, Saturday Sept. 30th, 11am-5pm

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We’ll have hundreds of pounds of locally grown apples, for pressing in our parking lot–for our 4th Annual Cider Day! Thanks to Sibley Orchards and Of the Earth Farms, we’ll have a good variety for blending.

This will be a family-friendly Oktoberfest event; we’ll also serve bratwursts & pretzels & beer–and have prizes for the best lederhosen and dirndl.

We’ll also have the necessary yeast, energizer & nutrients, carboys, gallon jugs, airlocks and sanitizer–for you to make your hard cider at home.
It takes about 25 lbs of apples to make a gallon of juice; taking orders through Sept. 27th.
Apples from Sibley Orchards are $0.50/lb: Jonathan, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, and Gala.
Apples from Of the Earth are $0.75/lb: Redfield, Idared, Golden Russet.
You can help with pressing; there will be a small fee/25 lbs.


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